Roland AeroCaster Switcher for iPads

Roland has announced the AeroCaster Switcher for iPads. The Aerocaster is a free iOS app that turns your iPad into a wireless video and media expansion unit for Roland A/V hardware switchers such as the recently announced V-02HD MK II.

The app allows users to switch wireless camera feeds from iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, plus screen shares from computers and mobile devices. The system supports up to four wireless devices at once, along with the camera on the host iPad. Roland’s video technology is also available for adding graphics, titles, video clips, photos, etc.

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Anyone can become a camera operator simply by installing the AeroCaster Camera app on their device and pairing it with AeroCaster Switcher running on the host iPad. Users can cut to handheld shots or employ widely available mobile device mounts for up-close captures of products and hands-on presentations. The app provides complete control of the available camera functions on each device, including focus, zoom, exposure, stabilization, white balance, and more.

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AeroCaster Switcher also provides a hassle-free presentation solution for wireless HD screen sharing. Presenters and panelists can connect via the Google Chrome browser on their computers and mobile devices. Screen sharing is then fast and easy over Wi-Fi, with no cables, video adaptors, or dongles required.

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The Aerocaster Switcher app lets users manage wireless sources independently from their connected Roland hardware. Up to 30 scene presets can be created with text overlays, graphics (including transparent PNG files), picture-in-picture windows, or split-screen views.

During an event, it’s simple to select scenes, camera sources, or iPad media library content such as video clips, photos, and graphics. A wide selection of cuts, cross-dissolves, and wipes are also available.

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The host iPad connects to a supported Roland switcher via an available HDMI input, and the AeroCaster Switcher app wirelessly communicates with remote devices over a local Wi-Fi network. The AeroCaster Switcher and AeroCaster Camera apps are currently available for iOS devices on the Apple App Store. Android device support for AeroCaster Camera is coming in early 2022.

The AeroCaster app will work with the following Roland products:

You can activate AeroCaster Switcher with one of the following Roland products:

  • VR-50HD MK II
  • VR-4HD
  • VR-1HD
  • V-160HD
  • V-02HD MK II
  • V-4EX
  • UVC-01
  • VC-100UHD

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