RED Komodo delays & possible price increase

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Jarred Land from RED has posted up a Q&A on Instagram where he talks about Komodo delays, a possible price increase, as well as when the new V-Raptor cameras will ship.

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Komodo Delays & Possible Price increase

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Where is my Komodo that I ordered?

Komodos are shipping every day, but are also in heavy backorder as demand is far overtaking supply. And the supply chain is still a Clusterfu*k, Globally. It really is a roller coaster ride, our Manufacturing and supply chain seems to get a new shortage every week. If they can’t find/order/bribe parts from any other source, engineering does a rolling re-design to make a different component work and that sticks till something else falls into a shortage, it’s a vicious, expensive cycle. Very expensive.. combined with shipping rates which are insane right now, so don’t be surprised if Komodo’s price goes up in the coming months, as the cost to make them continues to go the wrong way. If you already have an order in your price won’t increase but new orders may, I will try and give a bit of a heads up if that does become inevitable. We hope it doesn’t. So anyways to answer that question, it’s really unknown. We are not standing still, We are making them as fast as we can and shipping them as fast as we can, And the ” My Komodo finally came after 4 bloody months ” posts probably will go on for a while still.

As you can see, RED like most other companies in our industry is having to deal with a global shortage of parts and massive delays in manufacturing and supply chains. RED still states on its website that new Komodo orders are expected to ship within 8-10 weeks from the time that you order.

All of these factors, coupled with increased shipping costs could very well lead to RED increasing the price of the Komodo. There is no indication of how much that price increase may be.


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When do the White Raptors ship?

They start shipping out in truckloads next Friday, and will continue to do so over about a 2-3 week period. The stormtrooper Raptors are all sold out and accounted for, so if you missed out on ordering and still want a Raptor you need either find/bribe a dealer as they get them or wait for the black version.

When do the black Raptors start taking orders? and when do they ship ?

We will start taking interest requests tomorrow for the black Raptors on RED.com, and many of our dealers which have not already started will officially start their black Raptor lists as well. We HOPE to start shipping black cameras at the end of October.

Did you order a RED Komodo and are still waiting for delivery? Please let us know in the comments section below.

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