Lowel Blender XL

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The Lowel Blender XL is a bi-color LED light that features a narrow beam. angle. It is being billed as a small-sized, color adjustable fixture with a lot of output.

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According to Lowel, the light when set at 100% intensity at a distance of 3′ can output 3796 Lux/656 FC.

The Blender XL features a durable metal housing and an array of 24 surface-mounted LEDs- 12 cool white/daylight and 12 warm white/tungsten. Each LED has its own 45-degree optical lens.

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On the back of the fixture, there are dual rotary knobs that let users control the cool white (6000°K) and warm white (3000°K) channels to independently “blend” the desired color temperature.

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The Blender XL also comes with a professional drop-in diffuser. This helps soften the light and spread out the light beam. In addition, a removable Clear LED Guard slides in front of the honeycomb of LEDs to add extra protection.

The light features an AC power supply and a D-Tap power cable so you can run the fixture from camera batteries, etc.

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The Blender XL uses an industry-standard 5/8” receiver. There is an included tilting stand mount and a locking accessory slot that accepts accessories like Lowel Silver Umbrellas. What’s more, it shines as an adjustable on-camera light when seated in the included cold shoe adapter.

The Blender XL weighs in at 907g / 2lb and it measures 5.375H x 4.25W x 3.125D in. (13.65H x 10.8W x 7.9D cm).

It ships complete with:

  • XL Fixture
  • 5/8” Stand Mount with Tilt Pivot
  • Drop-in Diffuser
  • Clear LED guard
  • Switching Power Supply
  • US and EU Power cords
  • D-tap cable.

Price & Availability

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The Lowel Blender XL is now available for $349 USD.

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