Atomos ProRes RAW Knowledge Series

How ProRes RAW works is often misunderstood, so Atomos has introduced a ProRes RAW Knowledge Series. In this four-part series, Steve Bayes explores the origins of the ProRes RAW codec.

Steve also talks with filmmakers from across the industry, and they look at real-world examples of how ProRes RAW is used. They also discuss the benefits of capturing in ProRes RAW, and provide tips & tricks to help you utilize ProRes RAW.

Video Chapters:
00:00 – Introduction
00:41 – The History of ProRes RAW
01:41 – ProRes RAW codec
02:03 – i-Frames & GOP Files
02:30 – Atomos and ProRes RAW
03:19 – Recording in RAW
03:55 – ProRes RAW in Post-Production
05:20 – Other Benefits of ProRes RAW

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