YC Onion CHIPS 3.0 Motorized Slider Dolly

The YC Onion CHIPS 3.0 Motorized Slider Dolly can be used with DJI, ZHIYUN, and FEIYU gimbals to create a 5 axis motion control system.

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According to YC Onion, it is the only system with 5-axis interlink motion control capability when paired with DJI, ZHIYUN, or Feiyu Gimbals.


The whole concept behind the CHIPS 3.0 is is make is very modular so it all breaks down into smaller pieces. You can construct it up differently depending on how you want to use it.

By adding a joint, and then attaching another piece you can mount a tripod to turn it from a slider into a motorized dolly. The CHIPS 3.0 Motorized Slider Dolly allows you to create linear and curved movements on a flat, smooth surface.

How do you control it?


The CHIPS 3.0 features an integrated touch screen module and you can also control it through an app. You can program in precise movements, set A and B points or just simply move the sliding block or dolly to the starting point and then confirm it using the app.

 YC Onion gives you the ability to adjust slide, pan, tilt, roll and focus.

Payload Capacity


YC Onion claims that the CHIPS 3.0 can support camera payloads of up to 20kg / 44lb horizontally. Now, strangely Y.C Onion doesn’t show any cameras larger than a mirrorless being used with CHIPS 3.0 in any of its promotional material.

Run Time

CHIPS 3.0 is stated to have up to 10+ hours of run-time.

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In a lot of ways, it looks like a more budget-conscious option than something like an edelkrone DollyPLUS with HeadPLUS Bundle.

At this stage, all I have been told is that there will be two versions of the CHIPS 3.0 available.

Prices are expected to start from $599 USD. I would imagine that price will be for a very basic model. I have no idea how much a full setup will cost.

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The CHIPS 3.0 will soon be launched on Indiegogo.

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