Highly Portable Calibrite ColorChecker Gray Balance Mini

PI CALB514 CCGB MINI Calibrite CC Gray Balance Mini PT03 Hand

Calibrite, formally known as Xrite, has a new ColorChecker Gray Balance Mini card coming soon. This is a smaller version of the standard-sized gray balance card. The highly portable card measurements are 63.5 x 109.0mm. or 2.5″ x 4.29″. Yeah, it’s small.

The ColorChecker Gray Balance Mini is useful for reflective spot exposure metering to achieve proper exposure as accurately as possible. The mini grey card is a pocket-size version of the 18% gray reference square in the standard 24-patch ColorChecker. The gray is scientifically engineered to provide a precise uniform surface that is spectrally neutral, meaning it reflects equal amounts of red, blue, and green in all types of light conditions.

PI CALB514 CCGB MINI Calibrite CC Gray Balance Mini Main 1300x1300 1

A grey card comes in handy on set for all digital capture. I use them to white balance, set exposure, or at least a starting point, and I shoot them just in case the white balance was off. Also, if using several cameras, it’s a great idea to shoot a grey card with all cameras to help balance them from the same scene.

It’s portable enough to stick in your pocket or pouch for fast access.
The ColorChecker Gray Balance Mini retails for $49.00 and will be available soon.

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