CAME-TV 2X Kit Q-55W Boltzen 55w MARK II

The CAME-TV 2X Kit Q-55W Boltzen 55w MARK II looks to be a nice option for traveling shooters who want a self-contained, versatile lighting kit that can be powered in three different ways.

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CAME-TV is no stranger to making traveling kits and I wish more manufacturers did the same thing. Having a fully self-contained lighting kit in a single, manageable case makes a lot of sense for solo operators or shooters who take a lot of flights with gear.

Key features

  • 40% Brighter than the original version
  • Barndoors
  • High CRI (Ra96+)
  • Dimming Knob
  • LCD Display Screen
  • Color Temperature 5600K
  • Can be powered from NP Series batteries or V-Mount Battery
  • Filter Set includes Soft, Milky-White, and CTO
  • Umbrella mount
  • Optional Bowens-Mount
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The Boltzen 55w High Output Video Light features an adjustable 15-60 degree Fresnel lens, however, you can remove the lens, to create a wider beam angle. This allows you to use the fixture for a variety of lighting applications.

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The Boltzen 55 High Output Watt video light has 40% more output than the previous 55 Watt light and CAME-TV has also added 2 battery slots for Sony style NPF batteries. The light can be powered from these batteries, via mains power (with included power adapter), or from a V-Mount battery via the included V-Mount adapter cable. You can also control the lights using the included remote or via a free app.

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According to CAME-TV, the lights have the above output.

Screenshot 2021 07 28 at 3 38 26 PM

This kit includes:

  • 2x lights
  • 2x reverse folding light stands
  • 4x NP batteries
  • 2x AC adapters
  • 1x remote
  • 1x Custom Cut Foam
  • 1x “Ready to Fly” Hard Case

Price & Availability

The CAME-TV 2X Kit Q-55W Boltzen 55w MARK II retails for $688 USD.

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