Soundtheory Gullfoss Master

Soundtheory has introduced the third edition of Gullfoss, called Gullfoss Master. If you aren’t familiar with Gullfoss, it is a series of easy-to-use sound mixing plug-ins that offer a set of basic parameters that can be adjusted to improve the clarity, detail, spatiality, and balance of a mix or recording in a matter of seconds.

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A major update that will be released on July 15, 2021, introduces a no-compromise edition of Gullfoss with all quality-related parameters set to maximum. It is specifically designed for mastering engineers requiring the highest precision.

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Gullfoss Master allows for finer parameter adjustments and optimizes the auditory model for small gain changes. It also increases the internal precision, so that the processing noise floor is reduced even further.
All three editions of Gullfoss are now available to users in one easy download: 

Gullfoss Master– Extended auditory model tuned for mastering, finest parameter precision, 20ms latency, higher CPU consumption 

Gullfoss Standard– Suitable for most mixing and mastering applications, 20ms latency, lower CPU consumption, standard auditory model 

Gullfoss Live– Suitable for live music mixing and tracking, latency below 2ms, minimal treatment of transients leading to a different sound character

Price & Availability

Soundtheory will offer all three editions in one download for $199 USD. Until the end of July, they are offering a 30% discount if you use the code MASTER30 at checkout at soundtheory.com

Current owners of Gullfoss will be able to upgrade at any time for no fee. There is a two-week free-trial period with full functionality. 

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