Must Haves for an Audio Expendables Kit

It seems I’ve been overly interested in better audio these days. While I was searching for new and different ways of capturing better audio, I came across this video by Andrew from Deity Microphones.

It covers a lot of what you should have in your expendables kit and some good tips on getting your money’s worth at the same time.
It’s good stuff and well worth sharing. Enjoy!

Audio Kit 3
I need a bigger case! 😀

I’ve been adding products like Concealer and mounting tape from Bubblebee Industries, and URSA makes great straps for mounting transmitters to the body to hide them better. They also make several concealers like Foamies.

All these have found a place in my kit recently, and I find them all helpful. You never know what the heck you will deal with outside. Wind can kick up, and if you aren’t prepared, your audio will suffer and, dare I say, unusable?

Do you have any tips and tricks for better audio? Please share them in the comments section.

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