DZOFilm Increases Prices

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DZOFilm has increased the prices of all of its lenses, including the Pictor Zooms and Vespid Primes.

In a statement DZOFilm said:

Hi Everyone,
We regret to inform you that escalating costs of raw materials necessitate that we raise the price of our products, in order to maintain a sustainable business model that delivers the quality you have come to expect and demand.

New rate will start to effect from July 31st, 2021. As always, thank you for the business you place with us and appreciate your understanding regarding this necessary course of action.


The price rises are not huge, but if you were looking at any of DZOFilm’s lenses you may have been wishing that you had already purchased.

We have started to see quite a few companies in our industry start to increase their prices and there will almost certainly more doing the same thing in the coming months.

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