TLS now rehousing Lomo Anamorphic Round Front Lenses

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TLS (True Lens Services) who are well known throughout the industry for their high-quality lens rehousing are now rehousing the Lomo Anamorphic Round Front Lenses.

TLS is rehousing the 35mm T2.4, 50mm T2.5, 75mm T2.5, and the 100mm T3.4.

Modular in design, all four lenses retain the original Lomo optical performances whilst upgrading the mechanics to modern-day specification, using the TLS cam form focus system. Each focal length has 0.8 mod gears to the focus and aperture ring, each equidistant from the PL mount flange to aid switching on set.

All four lenses benefit from the TLS cam form focus mechanism eliminating image shift and backlash (lost motion) in the focus movement.

Standard 143mm from diameter incorporating an internal focus set up to allow matt box and accessory fitment. Robust stop mechanisms to withstand the pressures of modern-day servo control motors.

All of the lenses feature:

  • Minimum object distance (MOD) closer than original Lomo lens
  • 190mm front diameter gives internal focus capability without vignetting at infinity
  • Dual T scale markings on operation ring
  • Integral support system with 3/8 UNC
  • Thread support system standard bridges
  • Fully PL mount and supplied with front and rear caps as standard
  • 0.8 mod gearing on both focus and T Scale
  • Positive stops to focus and aperture
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Please note that TLS doesn’t sell these lenses, they simply rehouse them. You need to provide your own lenses for rehousing.

For more information and pricing contact TLS directly.

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