Adobe expands M1 Support in Creative Cloud Apps

Premiere Pro Beta Apple M1 Macbook Pro

Adobe has announced the June Creative Cloud update which brings new native apps with support for M1 silicon-based Macs.

Currently, non-native apps run through Rosetta 2 which emulates the x86 code. The update brings native support for Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, XD, Premiere Pro, Lightroom & Lightroom Classic.

Premiere Pro support is currently in beta and will be available soon.

Adobe is claiming over 80% faster performance compared to Intel-based Macs.

• Marked improvements for import, playback and exports
o XAVC S 4K footage imports 187% faster
o Encoding to ProRes 422 was 129% faster
• Faster overall response times and performance
o Launch time 50% faster
o Saving projects 168% faster
• Next-level performance gains for optimized Sensei AI features for the Apple Neural Engine
o Scene Edit Detection 430% faster
• Improved efficiency and significantly longer battery life

Pfeiffer Benchmark Report

Adobe commissioned Pfeiffer Consulting to run an independent benchmarking test comparing the Intel-based Macs to the new M1 SOC and the results are quite impressive.

Pfeiffer compared a 13″ MacBook Pro equipped with an Intel Core i5, 16GB RAM & 2TO of SSD to the 13″ M1 MacBook Pro with 16GB RAM & 2TO of SSD.

image 2

Let’s take a closer look at the video editing performance.

image 3

Importing Footage was almost three times faster

image 4

Encoding Video (XAVC S 4K 25p to ProRes 422) was over two times faster.

image 5

The M1-based Mac also had no issue playing back footage without dropping frames.

image 6

What are your thoughts on the new M1-based Macs? are you planning to upgrade once new pro models are released?

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