Ignite Digi Bridge Plate Booster Seat for KEYSTONE

Ignite Digi has released a Booster Seat that bridges the gap between the KEYSTONE & 15mm/19mm Studio Bridge Plates & the Freefly MōVI XL.

Previously, you had to use a combination of parts like a 15mm LWS baseplate, spacers & more to get the camera to the right height.

The Booster Seat is also compatible with the Alexa Mini, removing the need to use the MAP-2 & BPA-4 spacer, creating a much lighter build.

BridgePlateBoosterSeatforKEYSTONE004 2000x 1

It also has provisions on the front & back to attach the Power Breakout adaptor which provides 1 in & 3 out ports.

Ignite Digi Power breakout 1 2000x

Pricing & Availability

The Booster Seat for KEYSTONE retails for $260 AUD and is available in black or orange.
It weighs 204g (7.19oz).

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