Angelbird AtomX CFast Adapter

Angelbird has released a new adapter that lets you use CFast media in an Atomos device.

This lets you use the widely used CFast 2.0 or Type I cards with an Atomos compatible device instead of using specific AtomX SSDmini drives. You may also already have a few CFast cards so it will save you from buying another set of media.

The adapter is compatible with the Atomos Ninja V, Ninja V+, Shogun 7 & Neon monitors. It is not compatible with the Sumo 19/M, Shogun Studio 1/2 & older Atomos devices.

Using CFast 2.0 cards, Angelbird claims that it can support Apple ProRes / Avid DNx up to 4kDCIp60 and Apple ProRes RAW up to 6k30p, 4k120p.

The AtomX CFast Adapter retails for $79.99 USD.

A 512GB AV Pro CFast 2.0 card retails at $529.99 USD.

For comparison, a 500gb Angelbird AtomX SSDmini retails for $199.99 USD and is only compatible with Atomos devices.

Angelbird AtomX SSDmini (500GB)
Standard AtomX SSDmini from Angelbird

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