New RØDE Wireless GO II Firmware

Screenshot 2021 03 31 at 9 52 46 AM

RØDE has introduced a new firmware update for the Wireless GO II. This update gives users the ability to do on-board recording without the need for the transmitter to be connected to the receiver.

This means you can utilize your Wireless GO II TX units as stand-alone compact field recorders.

This new firmware update also gets the following new features:

  • Low sensitivity mode for the transmitters
  • Transmitter LED brightness adjustment
  • Ability to change the functionality of the transmitter power button to drop markers into the onboard recording

You can download the new firmware here.

Screenshot 2021 03 31 at 9 52 16 AM

I did a full review of the RØDE Wireless GO II which you can read here. It is nice to see that RØDE has already made quite a few changes and improvements since the product was originally launched.

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