CAME-TV 2-8kg Load Pro Camera Video Stabilizer Kit

CAME-TV has introduced its new 2-8kg Load Pro Camera Video Stabilizer Kit. This is designed to enhance the versatility of gimbals such as the DJI RS2 and Zhiyun Crane 2S.

The kit consists of a vest, arm, and a sled so you can attach a compatible gimbal to get smoother shots, especially when walking.

CAME-TV has two different Spring Arms to choose from, the Stronger Spring Arm and the Light Spring Arm. By default, CAME-TV ships the Stronger Spring Arm which more suitable for larger cameras. If you need the Light Spring Arm for smaller cameras, please notify CAME-TV after ordering.

The two different spring arms have the following payload capacities:

  • Stronger Arm Payload: 6-12kg (13.2 lb-26.4 lb)
  • Lightweight Arm Payload: 2-6kg (4.4lb -13.2 lb)

On the top of the stabilizer are 1/4″ and 3/8″ screws to mount your camera. On the bottom, there is a V-mount plate. Included are two 15mm diameter by 11cm long rods for attaching accessories such as a follow focus or matte box.

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The sled can be adjusted in height from 67cm (26.37″) up to 120cm (47.24″).

You can also adjust the handle on the sled and the amount of counterweight at the bottom.


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CAME-TV also has an optional RS2-BASE that you can also purchase if you happen to own a DJI Ronin RS2. This provides a D-Tap 14.8V input/output as well as a14.8V DC input/output.

Price & Availability

The CAME-TV 2-8kg Load Pro Camera Video Stabilizer Kit retails for $788 USD. The optional Base Adapter With D-Tap For DJI Ronin RS2 (RS2-BASE) is $158 USD.

The CAME-TV Stabilizer looks like a lower-cost alternative to something like the Tilta Float Handheld Gimbal Support System ($1,349 USD).

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