Aputure NOVA P300c Barn Door Review

Aputure NOVA barn door thumbnail

Alongside the release of several Aputure accessories, the NOVA P300c now has a nice set of barn doors. The new accessory has a solid build and is easy to attach to the NOVE P300c front panel.

Aputure NOVA barn door bag

The NOVA P300c Barndoor comes with a lightweight bag. It’s nice to have they are large and would get beat up if not covered. On the inside of the bag is a zippered netting pocket for filters or other flat objects. It’s tight, so not good for much else.

Aputure NOVA barn door front

Each aircraft-grade aluminum barndoor swings into position and holds firmly. Not much flex at all on the doors. The inside is the same flat texture as the overall finish. Some might have wanted them to be felt-lined to reduce flare.

A nice feature I haven’t seen before on barn doors is the added Fabric Light Leak Covers on all four sides. These cover the hinges where the doors attach to the frame to prevents light leaks, and it works very well.

Aputure NOVA barn door Doors closed
Doors fold up nice and tight.

I like that the barndoor slides into position without using any straps. On the front of the Nova is a slot for accessories such as the Aputure NOVA softbox. It simply slides in and locks. To release, push the tap and slide them up and out. Easy breezy!
The frame on the barn doors is ridged and should stand up to a little abuse on set.

While a soft broad beam fixture like the P300c isn’t one you can shape, it will prevent spilling the light on certain areas as best a barn door can with a soft source. It’s also great to prevent flare on cameras too.
All in all, the barn doors fit and work well and are a great accessory to have with the P300c. The Aputure NOVA P300d Barndoor retail for $139.00 US.

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