Atomos Ninja V Pro Kit- RAW over SDI

Atomos has announced the Ninja V Pro Kit, which enables you to record RAW over SDI from select cameras. The Ninja V Pro Kit also comes with a range of accessories that increase functionality.

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Just to be crystal clear this is not a new Ninja V, it is simply the current Ninja V with the AtomX SDI and a few accessories.

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According to Atomos, the Ninja V Pro Kit has been designed to ‘bridge the gap between compact cinema and mirrorless cameras that can output Apple ProRes RAW via HDMI or SDI‘.

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As well as being able to record RAW over SDI and HDMI, the Pro Kit also gives uses the ability to cross covert signals. This is very handy for outputting a signal to wireless transmitters or EVFs or even another monitor.

What do you get in the Pro Kit?

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The Pro Kit includes the following items:

  • Ninja V
  • AtomX SDI with activation for the new RAW functionality
  • Pre-Activated RAW over SDI
  • Locking DC to D-tap cable to power from the camera’s battery
  • AtomX 5″ Sunhood

RAW over SDI

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The addition of the AtomX SDI Module allows users to record not only traditional ProRes over SDI but also ProRes RAW. This allows you to use the Ninja V with a wide array of cameras.

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You will also be able to record RAW from the Sony FX6 over SDI to the Ninja V.

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With the FX6, to record RAW over SDI you previously needed to use an Atomos Shogun 7. In my opinion, this monitor was way too big for the camera. I feel sorry for anyone who rushed out and bought a Shogun 7 recently to use it with an FX6.

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The Ninja V Pro Kit is also able to record RAW over SDI from other cameras such as the Panasonic EVA-1, Varicam LT, Canon C500, Canon C300 Mark II.

Now, you need to be very aware that RAW outputs from Sony’s FS range (FS700, FS5, FS7) are NOT SUPPORTED on the Ninja V with the AtomX SDI Module and RAW upgrade. Support for these cameras is ONLY available on the Shogun 7.

Improved I/O

By adding the AtomX SDI module the Ninja V becomes a lot more versatile product that can be used with a wider range of cameras. The AtomX SDI module adds dual 12G SDI connectivity. Even if your camera internally records to a decent codec, you could utilize the Ninja V to also record a backup 10-bit 422 recordings in edit ready codecs, or use it to record proxy files from RED or ARRI cameras.

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Of course, the Ninja V is still capable of recording RAW over HDMI from a lot of mirrorless cameras such as the Sony Alpha 7S III, Z CAM E-2 Series, Nikon Z-Series, Lumix S Series, Olympus OM-D EM-1X, and Olympus OM-D M1 MkIII.

HDMI-to-SDI cross conversion

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By adding the SDI module to the Ninja V you can effectively double its I/O functionality. HDMI or SDI connections can be cross converted. This allows you to down-convert 4K to HD down so that you can utilize EVFs or wireless TX/RX without the need for additional converters.

Better Playback Options

In playback mode, the Ninja V’s 2 x 12G SDI and 1 x HDMI 2.0 allow for simultaneous outputs up to 4K 60p.

RAW inputs can also be de-bayered in real-time and non-standard high resolutions are processed to SMPTE standard output formats. Conversion to HLG, PQ, or your choice of 3D LUT can also be applied allowing for RAW or LOG content to be viewed with the correct application of artistic intent.

AtomX 5″ Sunhood

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Included in the Pro Kit is the AtomX 5″ Sunhood. The Ninja V has a reasonably bright screen, but it isn’t bright enough to be used outdoors in sunny conditions. Users can simply clip on the mounting frame and insert the hood to use the sunhood when required.

Power Options

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The Pro Kit gives users three ways to power the Ninja V

  • DC Power Supply: Indoors you can use the included DC power supply with a lockable jack to connect to the Ninja V. (International power plugs are also included)
  • D-TAP Cable: You can use this to connect to your choice of battery so you can run the Ninja V off an existing power source you may already be using.
  • NPF Battery: You can also power the Ninja V directly from an optional NPF battery or any 4 cell NPF you might already own.

What about existing Ninja V owners?

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Existing users of the Ninja V can purchase the AtomX SDI module for $199 USD and the NEW RAW over SDI and HDMI RAW to SDI video feature can also be added to the Ninja V via a separate activation key for $99 USD. Existing AtomX SDI module owners will receive the SDI ⬄ HDMI cross conversion for 422 video inputs in the 10.61 firmware update for Ninja V and the activation key for RAW over SDI will be available to purchase from the Atomos website in February 2021.

Price & Availability

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The Ninja V Pro Kit is now available to purchase from your local reseller for a retail price of $949 USD / €949. As part of the launch promotion, Ninja V Pro Kit users will receive a FREE Atomos Connect in the box.

Does the represent good value for money? Well, let’s see how much the individual items in the kit cost:

  • Ninja V- $599 USD
  • AtomsX SDI Module – $199 USD
  • Atomos D-Tap to DC Barrel Cable – $75 USD
  • Atomos Sunhood for Ninja V, Shinobi, and Shinobi SDI – $114 USD
  • RAW over SDI and HDMI RAW to SDI video feature activation key – $99 USD.

That comes to a total of $1,086 USD, so if you are buying the Ninja V Pro Kit, it is certainly cheaper than buying all of the items individually.

Initial Thoughts

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It is nice to see that Atomos has enabled RAW over SDI on the Ninja V through the addition of this new kit. Existing Ninja v owners will also breathe a sigh of release as they can just purchase the AtomX SDI Module and the RAW over SDI activation key separately.

While there is a lot to like about this new offering I can’t help but wonder why Atomos just didn’t release an SDI version of Ninja V so you didn’t need to attach additional modules.

What are your thoughts on this announcement? Let us know in the comments section below.

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