Accsoon CineEye 2S– an affordable 5GHz wireless transmitter with SDI

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Accsoon has announced its new CineEye 2S, an affordable 5GHz wireless transmitter with SDI.

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CineEye 2

You may recall that recently on the site I reviewed the CineEye 2, which was the follow up to the original CineEye that was first shown at NAB 2019.

After I reviewed the CineEye 2 I gave Accsoon feedback and told them that they should make an SDI version and that is exactly what they have done.

Essentially, the CineEye 2S is exactly the same as the CineEye 2, except it features both SDI and HDMI inputs.

Key features

  • 1080p60 with Audio to 4 Mobile Devices
  • 492′ Transmission Distance, 60ms Latency
  • SDI and HDMI Inputs
  • iOS/Android App with False Color & More
  • Start/Stop Camera Control
  • LUT Support
  • L-Series Battery Support
  • 1/4″-20 Mounting Thread
  • Shoe Mount Adapter Included

What the CineEye 2 and CineEye 2S allow you to do is to monitor your camera feeds wirelessly on multiple iOS and Android devices. You can view a camera signal remotely on up to 4 iOS or Android devices at a range of up to 150m. This makes it a great, low-cost alternative to more expensive wireless video systems and it allows directors, producers, clients, or anyone else who has access to an iOS or Android device to view footage from the camera.

Apart from just viewing the camera feed, the CineEye 2S can even stream to audiences or remote clients using Youtube and other content delivery networks via RTMP.

5GHz transmission

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The CineEye 2S can accept and transmit a 1080P video signal at up to 60fps from just about any camera that has either an HDMI or SDI output. Accsoon claims that the average latency is less than 60ms.

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When you first turn on the CineEye 2S it uses automatic frequency selection to select the cleanest channel from up to 20 available channels. By choosing the frequency with the least resistance it should be less prone to signal interference.

The CineEye 2S also streams the embedded audio accepting 44.1KHz/48KHz 16bit/24bit inputs which it then transports using a low compression codec.

Accsoon Go app

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The CineEye 2S uses the free Accsoon Go app for iOS and Android so you can turn your tablet or smartphone into a monitor. The app has monitoring features such as pinch to zoom, user-selectable LUTs, peaking, false color, waveform, histogram, and blue only display. The interface allows users to switch between setup menus and a totally clean view of the image.

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You can also load up your own custom LUTs or CD. If you prefer, there are also multiple presets for popular camera Log types that can also be selected. Users can display masks so that different aspect ratios can be previewed. There is also support for anamorphic lenses with 1.25x, 1.33x, 1.5x, 1.78x and 2x de-squeeze options.

Camera Control

The app also allows users to send Rec/Stop commands to a range of cameras. Using the appropriate accessory cable you can trigger Sony A7/A9 series, Canon EOS R/5D IV, Panasonic GH5/GH5S/S1H, Nikon Z6/Z7, Fuji X-T3 and others.

Size & Weight

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The CineEye 2S has dimensions of just 108mm×68.5mm×30mm. It tips the scales at just 213g without a battery.

Powering Options

The CineEye 2S has a claimed battery life of up to 14 hours when using a single NP-F970 battery. Alternatively, it can be powered via a DC barrel connector with a wide ranging input of 7.4-16.8V. If the two options are used in combination the battery can even be hot-swapped without having to power down the unit.

Price & Availability

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The CineEye 2S is now availablefor $329 US/ 329 Euro (VAT included)/ 239 GBP (Tax not included).

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