Micro Four Thirds looks to be far from dead

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According to Panasonic and OM Digital Solutions Corporation, Micro Four Thirds was the best-selling lens mount type in the Japanese interchangeable lens digital camera market in 2020.

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Despite only four new Micro Four Thirds interchangeable lens cameras being introduced in 2020, the standard managed to account for a 21.7% share in the Japanese market. This was good enough to make it the top-selling lens mount on the market.

The may seem surprising given the relatively few M4/3 cameras that were announced in 2020. Given the industry push towards larger sensor sizes, many people have questioned the future of the M4/3 format.

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56 companies make up the Micro Four Thirds consortium, so it is doubtful that they are all just going to abandon it. Both Panasonic and OM Digital Solutions have publically said that they will continue to develop and enhance their Micro Four Thirds product line-ups.

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2021 is bound to bring more M4/3 cameras and lenses, and perhaps we will see a Panasonic GH6. There is still very much a place for M4/3 cameras in our industry as they can offer lightweight, affordable solutions with great video functionality.

However, the format does face very stiff competition from the bevy of affordable full-frame mirrorless cameras that continue to flood the market.

The fate of M4/3 lays solely with the end-user. If there is enough demand, then companies will continue to support the format.

What do you think about the Micro Four Thirds system? Do you still think it has a future? What M4/3 camera would you like to see releases in 2021? Let us know in the comments section below.

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