SHAPE BP-975 Battery for the RED KOMODO & Canon cameras

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SHAPE has a BP-975 Battery for the RED KOMODO & Canon cameras.

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The BP-975 is a 7.4V, 7800mAh lithium-ion battery that SHAPE claims can be used on the RED KOMODO and the following Canon cameras:

  • Canon C100, C100 Mark II, C300, and C500, C500 Mark II C300 Mark III
  • Canon XF100, XF105, XF200, XF205, XF300, and XF305

This is a puzzling list of compatible cameras and I am not sure why some of them are on this list.

The RED KOMODO uses BP-975 or BP-955 batteries, as do select Canon C-series and XF-series cameras. However, the Canon C500 Mark II, C300 Mark II, C300 Mark III, and C200 use Canon BP-A30 or BP-A60 Battery Packs. I have no idea why these cameras are on the list.

On the KOMODO, SHAPE claims that you can record in 6K resolutions for 130 minutes. Of course, this figure will drop if you have other accessories being powered off the battery.

The battery features 4-LED lights that indicate the remaining battery life. The BP-975 also comes with 5V micro-USB and USB ports.

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A USB to micro-USB cable is supplied for wall charging. (Charging wall unit not included).

Price & Availability

The SHAPE BP-975 Battery is now available for $79 USD.

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