Hedge 20.4

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Hedge 20.4 is the newest update to the popular copy and verification software program. Hedge 20.4 includes enhanced Presets and organizational improvements. This new version is only available for Mac.

So let’s dive in and have a look at what is new.


Sorting media during transfers has been a much-requested feature from users and now Hedge has answered those calls.

Hedge was originally built to offload camera cards without interfering with the folder structure. While there is nothing wrong with keeping a folder structure, there are times when you are dealing with certain types of media where you do want to change that folder.

By using the new file-specific elements File Creation and File Extension  in your Folder Format, Hedge now decides if it needs to create a folder structure per file.

Both new parameters are also available for renaming purposes.

Copy Only

If you have an UNTITLED camera card that comes with a huge folder structure, but you only want the MP4s that are in that complex folder, you don’t want to have to go through and manually select all of the folders you don’t want copied. With Hedge 20.4, instead of having to enter all the filetypes to ignore during copy, a new filter option allows you to copy only the extensions you define.

Just a word of warning. You need to be very, very careful when ignoring certain files in folder structures. Sometimes all the files in these complex folder structures need to be copied, if you don’t copy all of them you may not be able to open your files at all.

Ignore bundles

Perfect for Sony users. It allows you to ignore AVCHD bundles during copy, because AVCHD files don’t have an extension you can filter out. There is also a new Copy Only filter which will allow you to find all FCP Camera Archives on a NAS.

For safety, it’s mandatory to add a filter size filter, so you can filter out empty AVCHD bundles but keep the ones that do contain data.

File Counters

Unique filenames that aren’t actually unique are confusing. Next to the Source Counter Hedge introduced in 20.3 as part of Presets, you can now add a File Counter and File Creation Date timestamp elements when renaming.

File Counter enables Hedge to number your source files as one sequence – regardless of whether they end up in the same folder or not:



Duplicate Detection is also involved. If you offload a file and the renaming result ends up being identical to a file already present in the destination folder, Hedge is smart enough to compare the files to make sure they’re truly identical.

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