Vocas Top Handgrip Kit for Canon EOS C70

vocas top handgrip kit for canon eos c70 0350 1195 1

Vocas has announced a new top handgrip kit for the Canon EOS C70 which includes a top plate & their mini handgrip.

Top Cheese Plate

The top cheese plate mounts a screw mount in the cold shoe as well as utilising the sensor plane mount, relocating it to the top if required.

This adds a second fixing point making it much more secure than the single cold shoe mount.

The top cheese plate adds a number of ARRI accessory style mounting points and for adding 15mm rod mounts or the top handle and also provides a cold shoe for the stock microphone mount.

The stock top handle from the C70 can also be mounted onto the cheese plate.

Pricing & Availability

vocas canon eos c70 top cheese plate 0350 1326 10

The Vocas Canon EOS C70 top cheese plate (#0350-1326) retails for €175 ex. VAT.

vocas top handgrip kit for canon eos c70 0350 1195 1

The Vocas top handgrip kit for Canon EOS C70 (#0350-1195) retails for €285 ex. VAT.

Both items are in stock & shipping.

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