Atomos adds ProRes RAW support for the Nikon Z 7II

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Atomos has announced that the Nikon Z 7II is now able to output and then record up to 4Kp30 Apple ProRes RAW files to the Ninja V monitor-recorder.

The Nikon Z 7II when combined with Atomos Ninja V HDR monitor-recorder will output 4K UHD or full-HD 12-bit RAW. These features are now readily available with the Nikon Z 7II and Atomos Ninja V users will just need to update their monitor-recorder with the latest firmware available on the Atomos website.


Unfortunately, just like the original Z6, you will have to send your camera to Nikon to get the RAW output enabled. This does come at a cost of just under $200 USD and this does not include shipping costs. I am not sure why Nikon keeps doing this. You don’t have to send any other camera into a service center to get the RAW output enabled.

Nikon N-Log

The Nikon Z 7, Z 6, Z 7II, and Z 6II cameras offer the ability to shoot video in N-Log, which is fully supported in the AtomHDR monitoring pipeline with the ability to add built-in 709 preview, custom 3D LUTs, and LOG to HDR conversion for both monitoring and output. The current Atomos firmware now adds the ability to monitor the RAW output as N-Log, to allow the use of existing N-Log 3D LUTs both on the Ninja but also in NLE applications where N-Log is now available as a RAW to Log conversion. 

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