CAME-TV P-1200R Ready to Fly kit

CAME-TV has announced the P-1200R Ready to Fly kit. Essentially it consists of 3 small-sized RGBDT LED panel lights, a foam insert that fits inside Pelican 1510 or 1535 hard cases, and three V-mount batteries, cables, and a remote controller.

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The actual lights in the kit are the Boltzen Perseus P-120R RGBT fixtures. These are Kelvin color temperature adjustable from 2000-10,000K. They are 55W lights that also feature a built-in V-lock battery plate.

CAME-TV already has the CAME-TV P-150R Boltzen Perseus RGBDT 150W Slim LED Light and the CAME-TV P-75R Boltzen Perseus RGBDT 75W Slim LED Light. The Boltzen Perseus P-120R RGBT is a new addition to the range.

The Perseus RGBDT 55W Travel Lights feature a unique yoke that allows them to fold flat, so you can place them inside the included foam insert and then put them into a Pelican case.

Screen Shot 2020 11 21 at 17 18 16

Above you can see what the foam insert looks like.

You may be wondering what the DT in RGBDT stands for. The D and T stand for Daylight and Tungsten. According to CAME-TV they have added Daylight and Tungsten LEDs to the RGB LEDs. The RGB LEDs can display Red, Green, and Blue which is handy for creating colors, but getting the mix right to create white light is a lot more difficult. By adding both Daylight and Tungsten LEDs to the RGB LEDs the lights are a lot better at repeating accurate 5600K and 3200K sources.

The lights can be controlled via WiFi.

Shown inside a Pelican 1510 case (the case is not included)

The only problem with most light kits is they always seem to be missing something. In the case of the CAME-TV P-1200R Ready to Fly kit, you don’t get any light stands and you don’t actually get a case. I would have preferred to have seen CAME-Tv include their own case as well as some nano-sized light stands.

Other Kits Available

CAME-TV also has smaller kits available where you can buy one or two lights instead of three.


Above you can see what you get in the various kits.

Price & Availability

Screen Shot 2020 11 22 at 22 55 57

Above you can see what the various kits cost.

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