Rolla – a portable, flexible battery pack

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Rolla is a portable and flexible battery back solution that you could use to power cameras, camera equipment, computers, or a range of other electronic goods.


It features a unique design that allows it to be folded up, laid out flat, or even worn by the user.

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The Rolla sort of reminds me of a modern-day version of the old Anton Bauer battery belts

Even though Rolla is a Kickstarter project it looks like well-known battery manufacturer Blueshape is behind it.

What is it made up of?

Rolla consists of 8 high-end lithium-ion batteries encased in separate protective capsules that are then fitted inside a flexible material. According to Kickstarter the battery pack contained in Rolla features a state-of-the-art design that comes from its team’s 20+ years of experience in the design and manufacturing of high-end professional products. 

Rolla utilizes premium Japanese cells and according to the creators, the quality electronic components and cells enable Rolla to output up to 300W of peak-power. 

Flexible & Bendable

As I previously mentioned, you can roll it up, wear it on your belt, or wrap it around objects by using the included velcro strap (hook and loop). You can even completely flatten it for transportation or storage. With its elastic band and velcro system, it can be attached around anything with a diameter up to 19cm (7.5 in).

This flexibility and versatility mean you could use it for just about any purpose you can think of.

Weight & Size

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The Rolla weighs in at 770g (1.69lb).

Power capacity & inputs

Rolla has a 100Wh capacity so it is permitted for aircraft safe use.

Rolla features 2x USB-C ports which are equipped with power delivery (PD 3.0) electronics which can supply up to 100W to your devices. With USB PD you can use Rolla on any of your PD compliant products; this includes anything from smartphones all the way up to power-hungry laptops. This is achieved by regulating the voltage at different supply increments up to 20V DC as requested by the connected devices. Each of the USB C ports operates independently and can power two devices simultaneously, even at different voltage levels.

For 5V USB devices, Rolla is also equipped with a USB Type-A connector which includes Quick-Charge 3.0 electronics which can supply up to 18W of power to connected devices.

The 2x D-Tap connectors provide direct access to the battery nominal voltage without regulation. This provides efficient power connectivity to camera, monitors, lights, and on-set accessories. 

How do you charge it?

Rolla can be charged through either USB-C or via a D-Tap charger. 

It is recommended that you charge Rolla with a 45W rapid charger. It will take around 2.5 hours to fully charge

Rolla also supports fast charging at a higher rate (for occasional needs). It takes around 1 hour to fully charge with a 100W charger.

Competition Comparison

Price & Availability

Now, this is a Kickstarter campaign so there is never any guarantees that the product you back ever gets made or comes to market. Please use your own judgment when backing any product and please be aware of the associated risks.

The Rolla is available for 179€ if you get in early. Prices then go up from there. There are also multiple Rolla packs that are also available.

The first units are supposed to start shipping in May 2021.

Full Specifications

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