CAME-TV Z Cam E2 Cage Kit

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CAME-TV has introduced a new Cage Kit for the Z Cam E2 range of cameras. This kit has been designed to include everything you need to get up and running with a Z Cam E2 camera.

The Z Cam E2 cameras have proved to be fairly popular with shooters on a budget, however, because of their box style design they require a cage and accessories to be usable.

The base of the kit revolves around a form-fitting cage that has multiple tapped holes, a rosette, a removable top-handle with two cold shoe mounts, and a riser plate that features inserts for 15mm rods.

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The kit includes the following:

  • Z Cam E2 Cage Kit
  • Matte Box with carbon fiber flag
  • Various clamp-on adapter rings for the matte box
  • 2x 100mm long 15mm rods
  • 15mm rod mounted follow focus

Price & Availability

This kit looks to be good value at $488 USD considering everything you get. It is available to order directly from CAME-TV.

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