Tilta DJI RS 2 Ecosystem

Tilta has unveiled a plethora of new accessories and mounting solutions for DJI’s new RS 2 gimbal. Whether you are looking for small accessories or complex car mounting solutions, Tilta has a lot of options available.

According to Tilta, they have been working closely with DJI even during the development of the RS 2. This has lead to a rather large ecosystem of accessories that look to be well thought out that should meet the needs of many users.

Tilta Ecosystem for DJI RS 2

DJI officially gave Tilta the development protocols for all the peripheral interfaces, and this means they have already been tested by the DJI engineering team. The accessories have also already been thoroughly tested out in the field and improved upon via feedback.

Hydra Alien Car Mounting System

Hydra Arm

The Hydra Alien Car Mounting System is a portable mounting solution that has been designed for optimal camera placement when using the RS 2. It is claimed to offer a good combination of stability and portability, without the usual massive price tag.

Multiple suction cup options allow it to be installed on car doors, car hoods, or any other flat surfaces. It functions in a similar way to a Russian Arm and it can be switched from a high angle to a low angle, and many other positions without having to stop a vehicle and reposition it. It comes with a remote control hand unit and it also supports remote run/stop.

Screen Shot 2020 10 17 at 9 48 47

The Hydra Alien Car Mounting System will be available in November. There is no indication of pricing.

Hydra Motorized Slider 

mounted on hood

The Hydra Motorized Slider is a lightweight and versatile system that has been designed so that you can quickly assemble and disassemble the slider. It has been designed to be fully collapsible for travel and transport. It supports remote control, adjustable sliding speed, and A-B stops.

motorized slider

It has been designed primarily so that it can be used on car shoots in conjunction with the Hydra Alien Car Mounting System. This combination allows you to create some fairly complex moves on a vehicle.

Aside from using it for car shoots, the Hydra Motorized Slider also functions as a table top smart dolly. When you attach the DJI RS 2 you can operate a MIMIC system with follow focus, motion time-lapse and use different tracking modes.

hydra arm
bumper mount hydra arm

The Hydra Motorized Slider will also be available in November. Again, there is no indication of pricing.

Handheld Gimbal Counterbalance Stabilizer System 

extension arm

Tilta’s lightweight Handheld Gimbal Counterbalance Stabilizer System makes it easier to handle a heavier camera rig for longer periods of time. According to Tilta, it is comfortable to wear and it features waist buckles to ease the pressure and weight on your hands and shoulder. You can adjust and switch the camera position for high and low angles.

extension arm 3

Cable Camera System 

tilta for dji RS 2

The Tilta Cable Camera System enables you to capture overhead shots with up to 100m of travel. The maximum payload capacity it can handle is 10kg and the fastest sliding speed is 4m/s. The system supports wireless control and ultrasonic autonomous obstacle avoidance.

It features cruise control, A-B stops, path setting, time lapse, panorama, etc. Multiple power output solutions allow it to power a wide range of DSLRs, mirrorless cameras, and stabilizers.

It will be available in December. Again, no pricing is available.

Handheld Operating Accessories

tilta for dji RS 2 parts

Below you can find out more about all of the accessories.

Advanced Rear Operating Handle for RS 2 (Available in November)


The Advanced Rear Operating Handle has been made specifically for the RS 2. It can control the gimbal remotely and supports video recording, photo capture, follow focus (with Nucleus-M or Nucleus Nano), and more. Tilta claims that the optimized core balance design helps reduce the pressure from holding the gimbal for an extended amount of time.

bts dji RS 2
bts RS 2

Advanced Ring Grip for RS 2 (Available in November)

tilta for dji rs2 ronin frame

The Advanced Ring Grip provides extended functionality to fulfill different shooting situations and styles. It allows access to the gimbal joystick control, modes switch, video and photo record, as well as follow focus and zoom control with Nucleus-M and Nucleus-Nano. Its power supply extension is compatible with professional cinema cameras.

bts shoot

Dual Handle Power Supply Bracket for RS 2(Available in November)

RS 2 gimbal

Another option for battery pack expansion and increased stability is the Dual Handle Power Supply Bracket.

The gimbal can be powered by external V-mount and Anton Bauer mount batteries. This allows for extended recording times and the ability to power accessories for long periods of time. The right side arm comes with a NATO slot, 1/4” screw slot, 3/8” screw slot, cold shoe mount, and more for countless expansion options.

RS 2 with battery plate
close up RS 2 display

Basic Ring Grip for RS 2

RS 2 tilta frame rendering

The Basic Ring Grip features grips with an anti-slip and sweatproof design, as well as a vertical standing base. It has been designed to be quick and easy to assemble and disassemble.

Remote Controller

Two controllers will be available that can be remotely operated or attached to other gear. The controller is compatible with wireless modules and it is also compatible with NATO slot, cold shoe mount, 1/4” screws, etc.

Screen Shot 2020 10 17 at 10 16 53

The RS 2 Remote Control Handle directly controls the gimbal. It can also stop/start video recording, allow for photo capture, and it can be used in conjunction with the Nucleus Nano and Nucleus M.

The Dual Channel Wireless Lens Control Handle directly operates Nucleus Nano and Nucleus M for zoom and focus controls.

Multi-Functional Accessories Series

The Multi-Functional Accessories Series is as the name suggests, a range of accessories that can be used to increase the functionality of the DJI RS 2 gimbal.

RS 2 Protection Package (Includes tempered glass screen protector and gimbal body protector)

Buy any accessories and get a protection package for free. (tempered glass screen protector + carbon fiber grip protector and axis cover protector)

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