RED KOMODO Official Wait List Open

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RED has launched the official waitlist for the production versions of the RED KOMODO.


This will be the normal black version of the camera that has expected retail of $5,995 USD.

In RED President Jarred Land’s post, he said that the cameras will start rolling out by the end of the month.

RED Hydrogen Owner Discount

Red hydrogen one
Red hydrogen one, photo by Phil Holland

When the KOMODO was announced, RED also said that HYDROGEN owners would be able to receive a discount on the KOMODO.

Jarred Land has now confirmed on REDUSER that HYDROGEN owners can now receive $1,000 off the purchase price off a KOMODO. There is a 60-day window though.

At the KOMODO launch, RED HYDROGEN has agreed to provide a special third party promotion with RED Digital Cinema for HYDROGEN phone owners. HYDROGEN owners will receive $1000 off the purchase price (paid by RED HYDROGEN) of a KOMODO camera when purchased within 60 days of launch. In order to receive the discount you will need to provide the IMEI number from your phone at checkout. Instructions on how to locate your IMEI can be found here; https://support.redhydrogen.com/hc/e…ocate-my-IMEI-

RED President, Jarred Land

The full terms and conditions of the RED HYDROGEN promotion are now available to view online and state that the discount is only for the original owners of the HYDROGEN ONE, with a limit of 2 per customer.

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