Trexo Wheels – Table Top Dolly with Image Processing

Trexo has launched the TREXO WHEELS on Kickstarter, with a claim to be the World’s first Table Top Dolly equipped with Image Processing.

Trexo has

TrexoWheels Kickstarter

The TREXO WHEELS are essentially a classic skater dolly with the ability to be programmed via the unit control panel or with the companion app.

Edelkrone’s DollyONE ($699 USD) has been available since May 2019 and offers similar functionality.

What is different about the TREXO WHEELS is that you can program the unit without a connected smartphone by using the buttons on the device to set start & endpoints.

Image Processing

What is unique about the TREXO WHEELS is the ability to use the companion app to take a photo of the tabletop and generate custom paths based on the objects on the table.

To do this, you need to have the launch pad in the picture which helps the app scale & distort the image accordingly.

Foldable Design

The TREXO WHEELS have a compact, foldable design. A battery is built-in that is rechargeable via USB-C.

Trexo claims 12 hours standby and 2 hour run time.

Turn Table Kit

The included tabletop can be used to create 360-degree product shots and videos.

It is reversible so you can use it as a black or white surface that aligns to the centre magnetically.


Timelapse Mode

Using a compatible cable, the TREXO WHEELS can trigger the camera for timelapse recording programmed via the Android app.

What’s included

what is in the box

The TREXO WHEELS includes:

Launch Pad
Turntable Kit
Type C Charging Cable

Pricing & Availability

The TREXO WHEELS will retail for $699 USD once the product is released. TREXO estimates delivery of the units in early December 2020.

As a Kickstarter, there are three options available.

Trexo Wheels Complete – Early Bird – $349 USD
50% Off (limited to 150)

Trexo Wheels Complete – $499 USD
28% Off

Trexo Wheels x2 – Team Pack – $849 USD
40% Off (limited to 200)

As usual, Newsshooter urges caution when backing any crowdfunding project as there are no guarantees that you will ever get your product.

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