Z CAM TurboMount Locking EF Mount with Focal Reducer for E2-M4 & E2-S6

MFT mount 16x9 1

Z Cam is releasing a new Active Locking EF mount with a Focal Reducer for E2-M4 and E2-S6 cameras. These are the new Flagship cameras.

The mount on the Flagship cameras is removable. The TurboMount will talk to the camera when using lenses with electronic contacts and will support data, autofocus, and lens stabilization.

Having a solid locking mount with a focal reducer built-in is a great idea, and at $299 US will be a good addition to your Z Cam E2 kit.

Z CAM TurboMount Features

  • Designed to fit EF mount lenses on Z CAM E2-M4 & E2-S6
  • Increased FOV when used on Z CAM E2-M4 & E2-S6 (0.71x wider)
  • Increased exposure level by approximately one-stop

Not much info is available today, but it looks like an excellent addition to the two cameras.

Production on the mount is underway and will start shipping to retailers in two weeks retailing for $299.

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