ARRI Hover Dolly

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The ARRI Hover Dolly is a compact, versatile, and lightweight dolly/track system. It is a rental only item and you cannot purchase it.

The Hover Dolly is the size of a slider, but it offers the versatility of a dolly. It has been specifically designed to work with ARRI Rental Delta Track in its narrow configuration. The versatility and design of the system allow for dolly moves from 50 cm up to any length required. If you want to create a track that is 400m long you could.

The Hover Dolly features high-quality, specially developed wheels that hug the track from inside, above, and below. This allows for safe, silent, and super-smooth camera movement whether you are using the Hover Dolly in an under-slung, over-slung, horizontal, vertical, or any other position or angle.

Key features

  • Closes the gap between a slider and a full dolly.
  • No limit of track length with ARRI Rental Delta Track.
  • Can be vertical, horizontal, under-slung, over-slung, or used at any angle required. Streamlined when used in an upright position for ease of use in tight spaces.
  • Compatible with all heads, whether centered or offset.
  • Includes Mitchell base and modular accessory mounts built into the dolly.
  • The multifunctional stabilizing sleeper is designed to absorb weight and keep the Delta Track parallel. Can be used with the multiblock for rigging purposes. Anti-slip rubber on the multiblock allows positioning on delicate surfaces.
  • Takes loads of up to 100 kg, accommodating any camera in any configuration.
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The payload capacity of up to 100 kg (220.4 lb) means it can also be used as the main unit dolly. Not only can it support a full studio camera configuration, even in offset mode, but the Hover Dolly’s compact size also allows for dolly moves in confined spaces.

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To find out more about the Hover Dolly, contact your local ARRI Rental company.

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