The Ultimate Guide to Canon K-35 & FD Lenses

Nikolas from MEDIA DIVISION has created the ultimate guide to Canon K-35 and FD lenses. Well, to say it is just a lens test would be a disservice, because this is far more than just a lens test. Not only does Nikolas pay homage to Aliens, but he also gives you an in-depth history lesson about the iconic K-35 and FD lenses.

Now, I don’t usually recommend many YouTube channels, but MEDIA DIVISION is certainly worth subscribing to.

The iconic Canon K-35 lenses were manufactured during the 1970s and ’80s. These lenses were used in films such as “Aliens”(1986) and “American Hustle” (2013). The optical design of the K-35 series is a perfect example of Canon’s optical expertise and fine lens design. The K-35 lens is slightly softer and has less contrast compared to modern lenses. But is sharper and provides more contrast than other vintage lenses.

Today the lenses are more sought after than ever and finding a complete set will cost you a pretty penny. However, their stills cousins, the FD series are a lot more affordable options if you want to create a look that is similar to the K-35s.

The amount of work Nikolas puts into these videos is nothing short of amazing. Above you can see some of the BTS pictures he sent us that showed how he managed to insert himself into Aliens. Nikolas did all of this by himself in his house during the Corona lockdown.

Nikolas also shows you how to modify and de-click Canon FD lenses, how to spot the differences between real and fake versions, as well as telling you the best places to look to buy second hand FD lenses.

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