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Clean up your rig with Sprig cable management

sprig with SmallHD monitor

Sometimes the little things in life make the biggest difference. With Sprig, you can get your cable management under control or at least help manage the spagghetti coming off your camera.

sprig diagram

The idea is simple. Sprig is designed to fit into 1/4″-20 threaded hole. They state it can be screwed in and out, but also tugged out and won’t damage the threads on Sprig. Sprig is injection-molded from a flexible material and features a flexible thread for fast installation with a secure hold.

5eea7a5cae74a7714e01b198 FG Round

Sprig is currently available in black but additional choices are coming, as well as a ⅜”-16 sized Big Sprig.

sprig in use 1

Sprig 6-pack runs $18. Not cheap at $3 bucks each, so don’t lose em!

sprig launch
Sprig Launch Kit

Sprig Launch Kit is $28 and comes with six Sprig’s with a storage holder keychain. Sprig Holder is made of FDM 3D printed in compostable PLA plastic.

I do try to keep my setups clean as having cables all over the place makes me crazy. I tend to save those wrapping wires from new cables and use them, but that can also be a pain as they are loose. Sprig isn’t cheap but it does solve a problem, and I like the design of fastening cables down to a tapped hole as cages have many tapped mounting point options.

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