CODEX Compact Drive Firmware Update

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CODEX has released a firmware update to address an error found to affect some CODEX Compact Drives. To have the update installed free of charge, affected drives can be sent to any ARRI or CODEX service station.

Which Drives are affected?

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Only CODEX Compact Drives, from the initial production run, within the serial number range 10020001 to 10022568 are affected (K2.0024130, CODEX Model No: CX.0001002). Drives outside this serial number range already run on the latest firmware and require no update.

Please note that the runtime firmware version of the drive (which can be seen on the camera menu) does not provide information if the drive needs to be updated. The only way to identify an affected drive is by its serial number.

What were the errors?

This firmware error can cause faulty behavior when a Compact Drive is inserted into the camera or a CODEX Dock or Reader. While these symptoms are not frequent nor will they have any adverse effect on the stored data, they may cause concern to the camera crew which is reason enough to provide this update.


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A Compact Drive may take a long time to load in-camera, and in some cases may not load at all. When this issue occurs, the camera status “INIT’ will be displayed for an extended period.
A drive enters read-only mode and is not recognizable for the camera. The camera status “INVALID” will be displayed.

In a CODEX Media Station

With CODEX Device Manager 5.1 installed, a Compact Drive may take a long time to load or not load at all, resulting in a pop-up notification saying:

A CODEX media device is taking a long time to load. Please leave it plugged in and contact [email protected].”

With CODEX Device Manager 5.0 installed, a Compact Drive may take a long time to load or fail to load with a “Load Failure” pop-up notification. Please note that a “Load Failure” can also occur for other unrelated reasons. Please contact [email protected] if you encounter a “Load Failure” message.

How can the issue be resolved?

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A firmware patch can resolve this issue. This update is provided free of charge. Since installation requires special tools, it is unfortunately not possible to update the Compact Drives at the customer’s location. Therefore, the update will be performed free of charge at any ARRI or CODEX Service station.

If your Compact Drives are in the serial number range from 10020001 to 10022568, please get in touch with an ARRI or CODEX service station near you to request an RMA for the drive update.

If in doubt whether a drive has already been updated, please contact an ARRI or CODEX service station.

You can find a list of ARRI service stations here.

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