Go Creative Show- New Sony, Canon, and Blackmagic Cameras

GCS232 Matthew Allard ACS

On the latest Go Creative Show podcast, I talk with host Ben Concoli about the future of trade shows as well as the latest camera releases from Sony, Canon, and Blackmagic.

Ben and I discuss how COVID-19 has impacted trade shows, if the Sony a7S III a worthy upgrade, Canon’s new EOS R5, and R6 mirrorless cameras and their overheating controversy, Blackmagic’s 12K Ursa Mini Pro camera, and more.

Topics covered:

  • Are trade shows a thing of the past? (02:28)
  • Thoughts on the newly announced Sony A7S iii (09:33)
  • Is the A7S worth the upgrade?
  • Canon’s new EOS R5 and R6 (31:01)
  • Is the Canon R5 truly 8K?
  • Should you purchase the Canon R5 or R6?
  • The incredible specs of the Blackmagic Ursa Mini Pro 12K (43:05)
  • How the Teradek Serv Pro will help remote shoots (53:43)

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