ShareGrid & Old Fast Glass Ultimate Full Frame Lens Test

ShareGrid and Old Fast Glass have put together the Ultimate Full Frame Lens Test, which compares and evaluates 20 of the most popular full-frame prime lens sets that are currently available.

Here are the lenses that were tested:

  • ARRI Signature
  • Canon CN-E
  • Canon FD – Rehoused by GL Optics
  • Canon K35 – Rehoused by TLS
  • Cooke S7/i
  • Canon Sumire
  • Leica R – Rehoused by GL Optics
  • Leitz THALIA
  • Nikon AI-S – Rehoused by Zero Optik
  • Richard Gale Optics UK CLAVIUS
  • Rokinon Xeen
  • Schneider Xenon
  • SIGMA Cine FF Classic
  • SIGMA FF High Speed
  • Tokina Vista
  • Tokina Vista One
  • TRIBE7 BLACKWING7 binaries
  • ZEISS CP.2
  • ZEISS CP.3
  • ZEISS Supreme

This video is part of one of the largest lens tests ever conducted. With over 300 videos in 4K, you can watch and compare each of ShareGrid’s 85 individual Full Frame prime lenses at various T-stops using their one-of-kind “Quad-player.” The Quad-player allows you to simultaneously play up to 4 videos so you can experience the most thorough process in comparing cinema lenses.

The ‘Ultimate Full Frame Lens Test‘ is Part 3 of ‘The Ultimate Cinema Lens Library‘ which consists of over 500 videos and 40 sets of lenses to compare using our Quad-player. The library now includes full-frame, Super 35 anamorphic, spherical, vintage, modern, zooms, still lenses, and even an anamorphic adapter.

It is great to see ShareGrid, Old Fast Glass, and everyone involved provide these tests as a free resource.

If you have been looking at a set of full-frame capable cinema prime lenses this is a fantastic resource.

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