Sony to become the exclusive global imaging provider for Associated Press journalists

Sony has done a deal with AP (Associated Press) to provide all of its visual journalists around the globe with cameras and lenses.

AP has journalists in nearly 250 locations in 100 countries. The Associated Press was founded way back in 1846 and along with traditional newswires and articles it also produces around 3,000 photos and 200 videos each day.

Screenshot 2020 07 24 at 10 08 38 AM
AP video journalist Renata Brito covers protests at the Spain-France border, Nov. 12, 2019, using Sony equipment. Image credit: (AP Photo)

The deal struck with AP has already started and the news agency has already started to take delivery of full-frame mirrorless Alpha cameras, 4K XDCAM video cameras, and an assortment of Sony’s 57 E-mount lenses including G Master models.

“Sony’s history of innovation aligns well with AP’s, and with our vision for the future of visual journalism. AP is committed to providing the best imagery to our member news organizations and customers across the globe. Adopting Sony’s cutting-edge equipment and technology allows us to do that, by enabling our photographers and video journalists to be faster and more flexible, ultimately creating better visual journalism.”

Derl McCrudden, AP deputy managing editor for visual and digital journalism

When the transition to Sony is complete, AP’s video journalists and photographers will for the first time be equipped with the same brand of cameras. According to AP, this will allow for seamless collaboration among the news agency’s journalists as they tell the world’s stories in whatever medium is right for the moment.

In addition to this deal to supply cameras and lenses, AP and Sony will work together to improve workflow and efficiency of field operations, including testing of 5G capabilities. Sony offers 5G through its Xperia™ product line, which uses technology from its cameras, professional monitors, and audio devices.


This is an interesting development, but it is not uncommon for news agencies to do deals with manufacturers to supply cameras, lenses and other equipment. It is however quite interesting that AP has done this deal with Sony. A lot of new agencies and publications have historically used Canon or Nikon cameras.

I imagine their is bound to be some photojournalists who preferred using options from Canon or Nikon who might not be too happy having o suddenly change to Sony cameras and lenses.

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