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Fotodiox SkyFiller Wings

Fotodiox has announced the SkyFiller Wings, a large collection of foldable LED panel lights.

The lights are available in either RGBWW or Bi-Color versions. The whole concept behind them was to make lightweight and durable fixtures that were easier to transport.

The SkyFiller Wings feature a unique foldable design. This essentially follows them to be folded in half so they are easier to pack and transport.

This looks to be a clever design and it sort of bridges the gap between a flexible panel light and something that is still thin but comes on a hard backing plate.

Screen Shot 2020 07 18 at 11 08 47 1

The use of a PC hollow core material and improved metal heat sync is claimed to improve heat dissipation to ensure a long product life.

Screen Shot 2020 07 18 at 11 09 57

Each SkyFiller Wings Prizmo Edition light includes several built-in control modes including CCT mode for white light adjustable from 2800K to 10000K with adjustable magenta and green points, HSI mode to access the full 360° color gamut and RBGWT mixing mode. CRI≥96 & TLCI≥95 for accurate color reproduction, skin tones and hues. There is also a pre-programmed filter mode to assist in matching industry-standard gels as well as pre-programmed special effects modes including police car, fire, party, and fireworks effects. SkyFiller Wings Prizmo lights can be controlled via the power box control panel or DMX512 controller boards.

The RGBWW versions have the following features:

The SkyFiller Wings come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Here is what is available:

Screen Shot 2020 07 18 at 11 06 23

All of the lights come in a kit form that includes a bag and accessories.

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