TLS Mamiya 645 Rehousing

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TLS is now rehousing the Mamiya 645 56mm F2.8, 80mm F2.8, and 110mm F2.8 lenses. This isn’t just a regular rehousing, so please read on to find out more.

These were originally designed to work on Mamiya 645 medium format film and digital cameras They are called ‘6477 because they use the nominal 6cm x 4.5cm film size from 120 roll film.

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Mamiya 645 lenses can be found second hand for not a lot of money. Third-party adapters exist to use the lenses on Nikon F mount, Canon EF mount, and some other camera systems.

So, what is TLS doing with the rehousing?

TLS can convert the Mamiya lenses to LPL mount with a new circular iris and built-in speed booster. By incorporating a speed booster into the housing, the lenses become a wider focal length whilst still covering full-frame sensors. With this process the 56mm becomes a 38mm, the 80mm becomes a 56mm and the 110mm becomes a 77mm. Another benefit is that they become a stop faster than the original lenses.

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I’m not sure which speed booster TLS is incorporating into the rehousing, but there is a good chance it may well be the KIPON Baveyes 0.7x Lens Mount Adapter for Mamiya 645-Mount Lens to LPL Cine Cameras.

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TLS can also offer rehousing to PL mount with a replacement circular iris, without the built-in speed booster, therefore retaining the original focal length.

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The rehousing features a cam driven focus system and chassis style lens that allow matte boxes and other accessories to be attached to the front of the lens, without affecting focus movements. The benefit of zero backlash and image shift gives accurate dual focus scales that repeat on direction and change with the cam drive system, giving a wide spread of markings through the scale.

The rehousing uses aluminum alloy, stainless steel, brass, and a robust construction that guarantees long serviceable life.

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