iFootage Seastars Q1 quick release

I had a look at the prototype of the iFootage Seastars Q1 at IBC 2019 and it looked very promising. While the design has changed a little for the better, the idea of a quick-release system that can be added to different support kit remains the same.

Seastars Q1 kit

The ability to have a fast and secure way to swap out a video head quickly with a slider or jib without having to unscrew the lockdown sounds like a great idea. iFootage states the wobble is minimized due to the low profile design.

When the Seastars Q1 is placed into the receiver it gives a reassuring locking click. To dismount a simple twist of the base plate releases the Seastars Q1.

The two-piece system offers both a 3/8 16″ or 1/4 20″ mounts that screws on the base of the hardware you want to use. The Seastars Q1 quick release base has both as well for mounting to a slider cart or tripod half ball. If it has a 3/8 16″ or 1/4 20″ you can mount it.

Available now for preorder

The iFootage Seastars Q1 retails for €89.00, but for a limited time, it’s available for pre-release at €79.00. At this time the iFootage Seastars Q1 is only sold as a kit. Hopefully, the plates will be available separately so you can add them to several different pieces of hardware for a fully compatible fast mounting solution.

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