ARRI announces Stellar 2 – Intelligent Lighting Control App

01 ARRI Stellar 2 Key Visual

Key features

  • The second rollout of the popular lighting control app
  • Stellar 2 will be available on the App Store and Google Play
  • Updates include: the control of third party luminaires incl. manually added fixtures, no RDM required, and empty DMX slot suggestion
  • Additional features include: swap out fixtures, grouping of different CCT ranges, configurable default intensity, and more live data

With Stellar 2, ARRI has now added the ability to control third-party products within the app. Other features, such as grouping, have become much more convenient making setups faster and more flexible.

Control of third-party luminaires

05 ARRI Stellar 2 Control of 3rd Party Luminaires

Stellar 2 is ready to control luminaires from other manufacturers including Litegear, Astera, and Kino Flo. A set of generic dimmers can even be set up to work with tungsten lights (on a DMX dimmer). With Stellar 2, the correct DMX addresses can be assigned to the luminaires in only a couple of steps. 

Swap out fixtures

07 ARRI Stellar 2 Swap Out Fixtures

If any fixture needs to be swapped out, possibly due to malfunction, it can be easily exchanged without affecting the setup. 

Grouping of different CCT ranges

08 ARRI Stellar 2 Grouping Different CCT Ranges

With Stellar 2, it is now possible to group fixtures with different CCT ranges. The fixture with the smallest range takes precedence while all the other ranges are cropped.


09 ARRI Stellar 2 Configurable Default Intensity

Stellar 2 is able to accommodate a variety of unique requirements. A default intensity can be set so that new fixtures are automatically set to a certain brightness each time.

Additional fixture data

06 ARRI Stellar 2 Additional Fixture Data

If a fixture can provide additional RDM functionalities, temperature and mode, the information will be displayed in the fixture setups.

Several smaller enhancements have been introduced as well including: atrial phase expiry warning, smoother looks application when no color mode change is necessary, improved connectivity handling, presets that apply on different fixtures, and minor usability, layout, and stability improvements.

More information about Stellar 2 and its new features: www.arri.com/stellar

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