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LiveU LU-Smart Guest Interview

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LiveU has been around for a long time and it allows broadcasters of all sizes to acquire and share live video reliably on any viewing platform. A lot of broadcasters use LiveU around the world.

Part of LiveU is the LU-Smart app. The app uses the latest in bonded transmission technology for smartphones and enables any mobile journalist to cover live HD news from the field using their own mobile device. The app bonds internal Wi-Fi and cellular connections to reach optimal video quality and resiliency.

LU-Smart is being used a lot more due to the Coronavirus outbreak. Due to this increased demand, LiveU has further simplified the LU-Smart workflow, allowing users to expand their live content coverage with a new guest interview option.

With this new feature, you can now conduct live interviews with guests from their home/office location without any prerequisites or technical know-how from their side.

How does it work?

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LiveU has made the guest interview function simple to use. All the broadcaster needs to do is send the guest an interview invitation via either email or SMS. The guest clicks on the link and that will automatically start installing the LU-Smart app on their phone or tablet. Once it is installed, it automatically launches in the correct mode with the selfie camera mode activated on the guest device. The IFB audio feed is also routed directly from the station to the app so the guest can hear the reporter or anchors questions.

Screenshot 2020 04 14 at 9 09 09 AM

Now, to use this app you do need to have a Smart-Activated LiveU license including a LiveU receiving Server.

LiveU technology is being used by global broadcasters, online media, news agencies, and social media to cover breaking and developing news and high-profile events, such as the US Presidential Election, the FIFA World Cup, Winter and Summer Olympic Games, Super Bowl, US Collegiate Championships and red-carpet events.

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