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Dynacore Tiny 155Wh V-Lock & Mounts

Dynacore Mini V Mount 15mm rail

Batteries are getting smaller with a larger capacity and that is a good thing. I like to keep my camera and accessories nice and tight. Dynacore has three Tiny V-Lock options. A 65Wh, 98Wh and now a 155Wh model. They also just released a slew of tiny V-Mounts to go along with the smaller battery. It makes sense to reduce the size of the V-Lock plates making it easier to add these mini batteries to rigs, lights and other power-hungry kits.

DPM-155S 155Wh Mini Battery

DPM-155S Key features

  • 155Wh Mini Battery
  • Tiny V-mount battery, Pocket fit
  • 1x D-tap output & charging input
  • 1x USB 5V/2A output
  • 4-step LED power indicator
  • Wire-Free internal technic
  • Multiple circuit protections
Dynacore 98 and 155
The 155Wh is longer than the 98Wh but keeps its compact “Tiny” size.

As I mentioned batteries are reducing in size and the Dynacore DPM-155S is 155Wh Tiny V-Lock mount battery. It shares the same form factor as the other two in the “Tiny” lineup but it did get a tad longer and heavier than the previous models but not by much. The 65Wh and 98Wh models weigh 0.50Kg. The DMP-155S comes in at 0.71 Kilograms or 1.56 pounds and is 1/2 an inch longer than the other two models. The width is the same.

Dynacore Tiny 155Wh V Mount

The battery is nice and compact and includes a fuel gauge button so you can check how much power is left. On top is a D-Tap with a max output of  120W,10A, and USB that provides 5V/2A power perfect for the Tilta Nucleus-N motor, or to charge up your mobile phone.


Max OutputTotal – 150W,12A
Pins – 150W,12A
D-Tap – 120W,10A
USB –  10W,2A (5V/2A output)
Dimension102 x 75 x 65.6(mm)
Operating temperature-30°C ~ +50°C

Calculating Run Time

Want to know how long your device will last? Instead of guessing it’s a good idea to use this calculation to get a good idea if you need a bigger battery or save some money and go for less. This is all based on how honest the manufacturer is being when they state the maximum wattage.

Calculate battery life with this equation

Discharge Time = Battery Capacity (Wh) Divided by Power Consumption in watts of the Device you want to use with it.

If I wanted to use theDynacore DPM-155S that is a 155Wh battery with a SmallHD 702 Bright that has a power consumption of 11 watts I would get 14-hours of operation

155 ÷ 11 = 14.09 hours of operation.

The tough part is finding the power consumption on the device you want to power as they are all different. For example, an ARRI Alexa needs 90 watts as opposed to the Panasonic EVA1 at 19 watts. That is a big difference.

V Lock Mounts. Lots and Lots of Options

Dynacore Mini V Mount Collection png
The full collection of the Dynacore Tiny V-Mount options

If you are the type of person that loves options then you are going to really like these new Dynacore Tiny V-Lock mounting plates. They all use the same Tiny V-Lock mount but with a different type of mount including the popular Sony NPF type.

Since the battery is much smaller adding a higher capacity battery couldn’t be easier and makes sense for situations where longer run times are needed. It’s also nice to not have to swap out as often.

D-MS-970 NPF to DPM Plate

Dynacore Tiny V Mount NPF

I’m sure you are like me and have a lot of devices that are powered with the popular Sony NPF type battery. I have at least a dozen of these batteries to power two different monitors, a wireless video system and a camera.

The NPF batteries do come in high-capacity as well these days. Such as the impressive Hawk-Woods DV-F990 74Wh (10,200mAh) NPF, but nothing as high as 155Wh. That’s more than double the capacity with minimal increase in size.

I like to use the Tiny V-Locks on the Z Cam E2. They fit the body nicely due to its smaller boxie size; however, there are some limitations due to the HDMI placement on the E2. The V Mount plate blocks the port.

  • Input:10-16.8V
  • NPF Output: 10-16.8V
  • Weight: 0.2Kg
  • Size: 99.5 x 66 x 46mm

D-MS-970 with the Z Cam E2

The Dynacore -MS-970 model does fit the Z Cam E2; however, the HDMI input port is blocked due to the way the NP plate is placed.

I have found with a quick mod the FXLion V-Mount plate works since you can easily reposition the NP adapter so it sits flush to the top of the V-Mount Plate. I needed to use an angled connector in order to make this work. The HDMI cable is not removable if the battery is installed, so it’s not perfect, but very usable. The Dynacore version, unfortunately, can’t be repositioned.

D-MS Micro V Mount Plate

Dynacore Tiny V Mount raw

The D-MS Micro V Mount Plate is for adding a “Tiny” mounting plate to a device. It comes with a frame and mounting hardware so it can be installed and power with the two-wire direct connection. The mounting frame is plastic as well, as the mount itself. The plate includes one D-Tap on the side.

The Micro V-Mount plate for Dynacore tiny batteries and chargers and the standard version had one D-tap output, four screws, and one plastic plate.
Weight: 0.1Kg
Size: 99.5 x 66 x 20.7mm

D-MS-CA Cheese Plate Back

Dynacore Tiny V Mount Cheese Plate 1

This version comes attached to a cheese plate, plus it’s the only model that has two D-Tap’s. I like the full-length slots options on both top and side. This makes attaching to other mounts very easy. It comes with 1/4 20″ screws to connect with.
Weight: 0.1Kg
Size: 112 x 83 x 26mm

D-MS-GJ Light Stand Mount

Dynacore Tiny V Mount Light stand mount

This V-Lock mount can be fixed to the lighting stand with a included C-clamp on the back. While it’s designed for a light stand it can be mounted on any tube-like product since it has the V design for the tube to hold. I’ve used these on a tripod leg also. Be careful with carbon fiber legs. You can crush them if over tightened. On the side, the mount includes one P-Tap.
Weight: 0.3Kg
Size: 99.5 x 85 x 81mm

D-MS-PG 15mm Rail Mount

Dynacore Tiny V Mount 15mm mount

This one will be popular for camera rigs. It’s excellent for a counterweight that actually can power your devices as well as balance the camera. The 15mm rail mount model includes one P-Tap. When using a Dynacore Tiny V-Mount, you also have another P-Tap and USB output. You could also add a P-Tap splitter if you need to power more than two devices, but depending on the power draw, the battery might not last very long.
Weight: 0.25Kg
Size: 99.5*107*54.5mm

Dynacore Tiny V Mount 15mm rail 1
The 15mm rail mount is perfect for a counterweight

D-MS-YS Belt Clip Mount

Dynacore Tiny V Mount Belt Clip

Last but not least is a belt clip mount. This could be handy for a grip to use if handholding a light or monitor. It can basically slide on anything flat and thin. It also includes one P-Tap on the side.
Weight: 0.15Kg
Size: 99.5*66*31.2mm

I did a full review recently on Dynacore Tiny V-Mount chargers that is worth checking out as well.

Pricing and availability have not been released yet however Omega Brodacst is the distributor in the US. To get an idea of pricing the 98Wh Tiny V-Mount retails for $199.00.

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