Adobe to provide free ‘At Home’ access to students and educators who currently use Creative Cloud apps

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Due to the Coronavirus, Adobe has made Creative Cloud apps available to students and educators through a temporary ‘At Home’ access at no additional cost.

With many schools facing physical campus closures and moving to online learning due to COVID-19, Adobe is giving greater access to Adobe Creative Cloud desktop apps to facilitate distance learning.

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“We believe that doing so will make it possible to keep coursework, teamwork, and student progress on track through at-home access to Creative Cloud for students and educators.”


From today, Adobe is giving higher education and K-12 institutional customers from anywhere in the world the ability to request temporary “at-home” access for their students and educators. Please note that this only applies to those students who log in to gain access through on-campus labs.

This will be granted through May 31, 2020 at no additional cost. To learn more and request access, please follow this link.

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Last week, Adobe also began to offer free 90-day access to Adobe Connect, the company’s web conferencing solution. This is currently valid until July 1, 2020. Adobe Connect allows users to join meetings, training sessions, and virtual classrooms from the safety of their own homes.

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