EIZO releases ColorEdge PROMINENCE CG3146 4K HDR monitor with built-in calibration sensor


EIZO has announced the new ColorEdge PROMINENCE CG3146, a 31.1″, DCI-4K HDR reference monitor for professional post-production. It also features a built-in calibration sensor to maintain colour accuracy.

The monitor achieves 1000 cd/m^2 (typical) high brightness and 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio for true HDR display.


Key features

  • Single-Link 12G/6G/3G/HD-SDI and Dual- or Quad-Link 3G/HD-SDI
  • VPID support for SDI connections
  • HDMI and DisplayPort inputs
  • 99% reproduction of DCI-P3
  • 3D LUT for individual color adjustment on an RGB cubic table
  • 10-bit simultaneous display from a 24-bit LUT for smooth color gradations
  • Quick adjustment of monitor settings via front bezel dial
  • Light-shielding hood included
  • 5-year manufacturer’s warranty

Built-in Calibration Sensor

To maintain accurate colour, it’s important to calibrate monitors regularly as the colour and brightness of an LCD monitor can shift due to various changes in the ambient temperature and the temperature of the monitor itself.

The ColorEdge PROMINENCE CG3146 is equipped with a temperature sensor for accurately measuring the temperature inside the monitor, as well as estimating the temperature of the surrounding environment. With this temperature sensing and estimation technology, the monitor adjusts in real time, so gradations, color, brightness, and other characteristics continue to be displayed accurately.

Furthermore, EIZO uses AI (artificial intelligence) in the estimation algorithm of the monitor so it can distinguish between various temperature changing patterns to calculate even more accurate correction. EIZO’s patented digital uniformity equalizer (DUE) technology also counterbalances the influences that a fluctuating temperature may have on color temperature and brightness for stable image display across the screen.

Pricing & Availability

The ColorEdge PROMINENCE CG3146 will begin shipping in April 2020. No price has been specified but don’t expect it to come cheap.

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