Will NAB 2020 be cancelled due to the Coronavirus?


The world is on edge with the spread of the Coronavirus and fully containing it hasn’t been established yet. In the U.S airlines are cancelling flights to and from China tentatively through March and early April.

Today the first death in the USA from COVID-19 has happened in Washington State and the virus appears to be spreading in many other states as well including the west in California and Texas.

Personally I have had a very rough go with an illness already this year. I caught a very bad cold on New Year’s eve and after 2 weeks got influenza type A. I was down for over 5-weeks. So, yes I am a little on the edge with this virus and NAB is just around the corner on April 19th. A lot of people are asking if I was going to attend and they were on the fence about going. I think now it’s more if the NAB Show will be cancelled or not.

I do think attendance will be lower if the virus isn’t contained in the US in the next two weeks plus visitors and vendors from around the world have to make a decision very soon. Vendors are already paid and locked in. It would be a shame financially for them if they are forced to cancel due to travel restrictions.

All this makes planning a 5-day trip to Las Vegas difficult. As of today, Newsshooter is attending with our team in place to cover the show. Baring a cancellation we will be at the show and bringing you all the news. You better believe I will not be shaking hands this year. A good ole fist bump will have to due. I’m sure everyone is on board with this method.

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Las Vegas Convention and Business Authority

The LVCVA continues to actively monitor COVID-19 and is diligently working with the Southern Nevada Health District and the U.S. Travel Association to share updates as the health and safety of our employees and guests of the destination remains our utmost priority.

Yesterday, the CDC began to proactively prepare the public for the potential spread in the United States in order to mitigate the impact of the virus lF transmission begins to occur. At this time, there continues to be no reported cases in Clark County or Nevada, and health authorities have not issued any domestic travel notices, precautions or guidance specific to travel. 

According to the Health District, Southern Nevada and resort properties have not been identified as being at higher risk for disease transmission. People who have not traveled to an area where the virus is circulating or have not had close contact with a patient who has tested positive for the virus continue to be at low risk for infection.

Las Vegas Convention and Business Authority – Febuary 26th 2020

You can keep up with NAB Coronavirus updates on NAB’s website. It’s updated every few days. This is a very fluid situation and everything could change day by day. I hope it doesn’t spread and harm more people but it looks like the beginning of the spread is eminent in the US now. Be safe folks and I hope for the best. This is a scary situation for the entire world.

Have you decided to not attend NAB 2020 this year due to the COVID-19 epidemic?

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