MASV launches new service to upload large files to Amazon S3

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MASV has announced a new service that lets you easily upload large files over 5GB to Amazon S3.

Key features

  • Transfer large files directly to your bucket with ease — the file’s destination is completely invisible to the end-user
  • Custom-brand your portal and enable contributors to send large files to you via the simple MASV upload panel
  • Automation for each of your active MASV Portals. Set rules to automate deliveries so no one ever has to click a download button
  • A dashboard view to configure/delete automations
  • A quick-view menu for easy status checks on your automations
  • Blazing-fast delivery to Amazon S3

The new feature allows users to upload via MASV, directly into an Amazon S3 bucket, rather than having to download & re-upload the files, saving time and money.

portal s3 integrations

The new feature offers the same simple delivery workflow as other MASV large file transfers: users pay nothing to upload to MASV and pay just $0.25/GB to deliver to their storage of choice — no subscription required. Files of 1TB+ are regularly delivered through MASV in the browser, and even larger packages are transferred via the MASV app.

MASV Portals also includes embeddable portals, an applet that can be embedded directly onto your website as easily as a YouTube embed.

Files are retained for free on MASV for 10 days then securely deleted. Extended storage is available for $0.10/GB/month, and as always, MASV offers the highest speeds and reliability, with no required plugins and no expensive annual contracts.

This new feature adds to MASV’s file transfer service which offers blazingly fast speeds, especially when you need to transfer large video files. Matt has reviewed it in-depth previously on the site.

To try it out for yourself, MASV offers a free 100Gb trial, simply sign up at massive.io to give it a go.

How it works

portal s3 integration settings

1. Sign up for a free MASV trial. (www.massive.app/signupMASV Portals can be configured within MASV’s 7-day, 100GB trial period. It’s free and no payment or credit card is required.

2. Set up a Portal. Choose “Portals” from the left navigation panel, and click ‘Create New Portal.’ Design the Portal of your choice, add contributors to the recipient line and click “Create Portal.” You have the option to use MASV Teams to invite contributors to set user roles and restrictions, then invite.

3. Configure S3. Once you hit “Create Portal” you’ll be prompted to configure a cloud service. Select S3 and add your account information. Once finished, you are good to go — contributors can now be invited to submit files to your Portal (and in the back-end, these large files will go straight to your defined bucket).

4. That’s it! Contributors will upload files and they’ll automatically deliver to your S3 bucket. You’ll receive notifications of transfers sent and completed via email or Slack — so you can go do something else.

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