Fujifilm X-T4 improves on an already solid camera

The new updated Fujifilm X-T4 adds many improvements users have been asking for in both the stills and video departments. A big one is the addition of In Body Stabilization or IBIS. Fujifilm’s line up of stabilized lenses is not that long. The new X-T4 IBIS provides 5-axis 6.5 stop image stabilization when used with 18 out of 29 XF / XC lenses. The new IBIS includes new materials to the base part, a refined layout of the shutter’s shock-absorbing structure and newly developed gyro sensors that boast approx. 8 times the detection accuracy of the IBIS unit in the X-H1.

The new mechanism will assist in night photography & sports photography and also with video recording. The new IBIS uses a magnetic force rather than springs, which boosts functionality while making it approx. 30% smaller and 20% lighter than X-H1’s image stabilization mechanism.

The X-T4 has a new back-illuminated 26.1MP X-Trans CMOS 4 sensor and a high-speed image processing engine, the X-Processor 4.

X-T4 Key Features

  • 6.5 stops IBIS with 18 X mount lenses out of 29
  • Digital IS added
  • Improved Phase Detection Auto Focus
  • 240 fps at Full HD
  • Video can be recorded on to both SD card slots simultaneously
  • A new higher capacity battery almost doubles the current model. 110 min in 4K recording
  • Dedicated Video Menu
  • New Video Still s dedicated dial retains video settings when switching
  • 240 fps in HD
  • New TIF file format added
  • Fully articulating LCD touch screen
  • Now has 1620K dot LCD screen from 1040K

Improved Tracking Auto Focus

Screen Shot 2020 02 26 at 6 01 15 PM

Fujifilm states the tracking AF performance has also undergone serious enhancement. The tracking success rate has been doubled compared to the X-T3. The Face / Eye AF performance has also been dramatically improved. Hopefully, the new tracking AF will also improve on the video side as AF tracking for gimbal work is very handy.

New 240 fps in HD

Screen Shot 2020 02 26 at 6 02 07 PM

The X-T4 is capable of recording Full HD high-speed video at 240P, That’s a 10x slow-motion speed. IBIS is effective when combined with the electronic image stabilization function (DIS) for use in the video mode, and brings even more image stabilization, which is essential for users shooting video whilst walking.
The “IS (Image Stabilisation) Boost” mode mitigates gentle camera shakes, enabling stabilized fixed-point video recording without a tripod.

Dedicated Video Menu

Screen Shot 2020 02 26 at 5 44 27 PM

On the X-T4 the stills and video modes now have separate menus and the video-only Quick Menu (Q Menu) button has enhanced the camera’s simplicity while recording video. A ”Movie optimized control” function has been introduced; users can adjust the exposure with the command dial as well as the touchscreen panel. It’s now very fast to switch from STILL / MOVIE mode with the dedicated dial on the top panel with stored video settings.

Internal Recording

Screen Shot 2020 02 26 at 5 44 44 PM

The XT-4 can record up to 4K 60p 4:2:0 10bit internally, and output 4K 60p 4: 2: 2 10bit over HDMI.

Screen Shot 2020 02 26 at 5 52 08 PM

As with previous models, the “H.265 / HEVC” standard allows you to record 4K 60p 4:2:0 10bit video at 200Mbps. In All-Intra you can shoot 4K DCI or UHD at up to 30p at 400Mbps. Now, unfortunately, when shooting 4K 60p there is a sensor crop.

In H.264 / MPEG-4 AVC you are limited to 4:2:0 8bit internal recording, but you can still record 4K DCI or UHD at up to 400Mbps.

Screen Shot 2020 02 26 at 6 02 50 PM

There looks to be a recording limit of 29min and 35 seconds per clip, but that isn’t listed.

There are 18 picture profiles you can choose from: (PROVIA / Standard, Velvia / Vivid, ASTIA / Soft, Classic Chrome, PRO Neg.Hi, PRO Neg.Std, Monochrome, Monochrome + Ye filter, Monochrome + R filter, Monochrome + G filter, Sepia, (ACROS, ACROS + Ye filter, ACROS + R filter, ACROS + G filter, ETERNA / cinema, classic negative, ETERNA bleach bypass), and Monochrome color.

Battery Life

Screen Shot 2020 02 26 at 6 13 36 PM

The battery life has been improved from the X-T3 to a larger 2200 mAh 16Wh from the X-T3 1250 mAh 8.7Wh.

Fujifilm claims that when face detection is OFF when shooting 4K you will get approx. 85 minutes when shooting in 29.97p. In Full HD you can get approx. 95 minutes when shooting 59.94p. These numbers will be higher if you are continually recording.

Dual Video Recording For Backup

Screen Shot 2020 02 26 at 6 02 02 PM

Another feature many professionals want is the ability to record a backup to the second SD Card. The X-T4 can do this. Video in the same format can be recorded on to two SD cards at the same time giving the user a backup.

F-Log View Assist

An F-Log View Assist function has been added to make shooting F-Log easier. Video is converted equivalent to BT.709 for the display to make it easier to get the correct exposure in video recording.

There is still no waveform available :(.

Line Level Input and headphone jack

The X-T4 now offers a LINE level as well for recording external audio. The 3.5 headphone plug has been replaced with a USB-C connector. Not sure I like this option.

Weather sealed

Screen Shot 2020 02 26 at 6 13 00 PM

The camera is weather-sealed in 63 places, and it is claimed to provide the same high dust-proof and drip-proof performance as the previous model.

It can operate without problems even in a low-temperature environment of -10 ° C or in harsh shooting environments.


Screen Shot 2020 02 26 at 5 58 52 PM

I like my X-T3 a lot. I’ve moved around in the Sony mirrorless world and Panasonic GH cameras for many years and have settled on the Fujifilm X-mount cameras. The color is very good and the image is pleasing. Fujifilm offering 10-bit internal video codecs is also a big deal to me. While I wished the continuous autofocus was better and the X-T3 had IBIS this new release really tackles my issues and makes the X-T4 somewhat of a must-buy upgrade. Add in the flip-out screen and larger battery it really makes it hard to avoid.

Price & Availability

The new X-T4 retails for $1,699 US and is available for preorder now with shipping scheduled for April 30th.

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