Kinefinity slashes the prices of the TERRA 4K, MAVO & MAVO LF

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Kinefinity has slashed the prices on their TERRA 4K, MAVO, and MAVO LF. This is a nice Valentine gift from Kinefinity and it certainly makes their cameras a more attractive proposition.

Thanks to massive improvements in the optimization of the supply chain and production processes, Kinefinity is able to offer lower entry prices to their existing camera models. To stay competitive against the likes of Z Cam, Sony, and Canon it is no surprise that they have reduced their prices.

Starting today (Feb.14th) the Kinefinity camera product line pricing has changed.

Here are the new prices:

Screenshot 2020 02 11 at 7 48 03 PM

As you can see, both the MAVO LF and MAVO prices have been considerably reduced. The MAVO LF gets a whopping $4,000 USD price drop.

Screenshot 2020 02 14 at 7 57 28 PM

That makes it 33% percent cheaper than it previously was. I reviewed the MAVO LF recently and found it be a very capable camera.

Screenshot 2020 02 14 at 7 58 51 PM

The MAVO 6K gets a $3,000 USD price drop, which makes it 37.5% cheaper than it previously was.

Screenshot 2020 02 14 at 7 58 51 PM 1

The TERRA 4K only gets a $500 USD price drop, but Kinefinity is also adding ProRes4444 / 4444XQ encoding to the camera.

What about existing customers?

Unfortunately, if you already bought a Kinefinity camera recently and you paid the full price, you won’t be eligible for any type of refund.

More Accessory packages

Based on their experience in selling the current accessories line, Kinefinity has made some changes to the shooting packages that are available.

The main changes are:

  • The Basic package has now been renamed as the Handheld package.
  • Two entirely new options called Core package and Production package (based on Core package) have also been added.
Screenshot 2020 02 13 at 9 23 09 AM

Overview of Kinefinity’s new accessories package options:

With the new prices, you can now get a MAVO LF and a full Production package that gets you everything you need for $12,998 USD. This certainly makes the MAVO LF a very competitive option if you are looking at a Sony FX9, Z CAM E2-F8, or a Canon C500 Mark II.

TERRA 4K to get new ProRes recording options

terra ready ship4 720p

The TERRA 4K will soon get ProRes4444 and ProRes4444XQ encoding added to its arsenal of high-end cinema camera features. All TERRA 4K cameras will be able to add ProRes4444/ProRes4444XQ via a free firmware update, no hardware changes are required. The firmware is expected to be available in April 2020.

The consumer wins

There have never been more options or more affordable options when it comes to cameras. In 2020 there is a plethora of cameras that are now available that offer tremendous value for money, no matter what your budget.

Nobody should be complaining about the price of cameras. Just about any camera you can buy is capable of good results in the right hands.

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